Vintage Economy Patch Quilt – Vintage Rescue Quilt in Blues


An Economy Patch or also known as Day and Night Patch Quilt. A piece of American history and heritage. This beautiful antique beauty would lay nicely over a twin or full size bed, although is would cover from head to foot of bed with no drape on the end, unless you pulled it down a bit from the top (see the size and details below).

This quilt has at least 720 individual pieces and it was all hand sewn by the maker. The fabrics used are obviously from the early 1900’s, possibly into the 30’s, but everything was in amazing condition with no disintegration and no loose seams, although there is some staining on some fabric pieces. They had been stained before the quilt was made, so our maker was being very frugal and using what she had in her Economy Quilt! The fabrics seem to be mostly from men’s shirting, which makes me feel like this quilt would be a nice Man Quilt! It laid completely flat when I started working with it, except in a couple of areas where the points met…they laid down nicely during quilting. This quilt was perfectly constructed given the methods and the time. (see an example of a stain in the last photograph).

The finished quilt is just stunning, a real vintage American beauty with lots of character and charm. You will not be disappointed!

Following my love of Vintage Quilts and Quilt History, I find and source unfinished vintage quilt tops from various sources. I then make any repairs needed to the quilt top, including mending loose seams, replacing disintegrated fabrics, and attending to stains that may be treated. I then pair the quilt with a modern fabric backing and batting and quilt it using my longarm quilting machine. I use no computers on my longarm and everything is done manually. In the end, these unfinished quilts from long ago are transformed into quilts that are totally amazing, stunning, and well, beautiful! Sometimes I’m so struck by a quilt’s transformation! It is an honor to bring these beauties into the future and finally give them the ability to be used and loved!


❀ Measures 59 x 76.5 inches (149.9cm x 194.3cm)
❀ Would cover a twin or full size bed, although it would JUST fit the length
❀ seems to be all 100% cotton fabrics, although a couple pieces might be a blend
❀ batting is a blend of bamboo, silk, cotton and botanical tencel
❀ Vintage as is with some stains present. Fabrics were stained before the quilting, as is typical in early American Quilts of this period.


❀ wash cold, gentle cycle, mild soap. Can be dried in machine, but I’d only dry it for about 10 minutes on low and then hang to dry. Do not hang in direct sunlight to dry.


❀ Please ask about payment plans to make a quilt purchase easy for any budget

❀ Flat rate shipping is initially charged and if there is an overage you will be reimbursed

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Vintage Economy Patch Quilt in blues, white, pinks and other beautiful colors.  Vintage Rescue Quilt will make a unique addition to your home or a beautiful gift for a friend.  Ready to ship.



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