Kimono Quilt Lady Sybil
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Kimono Quilt Wrap – Lady Sybil


This warm and luxurious Kimono Quilt is ready to ship today. A quilt inspired by Kimono, for wrapping up while reading, meditation, movie watching, or simply relaxing around the house. Envelop yourself in the soft warmth of kimono and dream of garden paths raining with cherry blossoms.

Design © 2012 Briana Taylor – This is an original design, by me, a btaylorquilts exclusive heirloom kimono quilt.

This is a fabric line by Andover Fabrics called Downton, and this particular fabric is named “Lady Sybil” so hence the name! This fabric is soft and pretty and on the inside of this kimono quilt is a dark charcoal with very subtle, very tiny circles and is the fabric you see around the neck. It can be worn either way, so it is reversible. The photos show the quilt “collar” folded out to expose the charcoal fabric inside.

I had been thinking about this for almost six years. I made a quilt; black with red circles.  It was very Japanese in style and appearance….I thought it would be beautiful as a robe…. what if it had a slit in it? It would create a quilt that you could wear almost like a robe and truly get great coverage on the couch while you are reading. Folded up, it looks great cast over the back of your couch or favorite chair.

Some Details:

❀ handmade with 100% cotton fabric
❀ batting blend of bamboo, silk, botanic tencel and cotton
❀ you get the kimono quilt shown in the photos
❀ already washed and dried once
❀ machine wash, tumble dry, do not hang in direct sunlight to dry

PLEASE NOTE: Btaylorquilts cannot accept returns of bedding items or custom made items (i.e., quilts or pillow shams, including throw sized quilts and Kimono Quilts).

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This Kimono Quilt Wrap is ready to ship!


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