Kimono Quilt Wrap – Cherry Petal


Kimono Quilt – Cherry Petal. Ready to ship, you get this kimono quilt! A quilt inspired by kimono. Meant for wrapping up on the couch or your favorite chair. Excellent for reading, meditation, movie watching, or working on your computer. This is a very soft shoulder draping quilt made using a batting that is blend of bamboo, silk, botanic tencel and cotton.

One side of this kimono quilt is a bold red calico cotton fabric. The other side is a white Kona Cotton. Soft and supple, it can be worn either way, so it is reversible.

This is an original design, by me, a BtaylorQuilts exclusive heirloom kimono quilt. For more photos of kimono quilts like this one please see my blog entry for January 28, 2012 at:

PLEASE NOTE: Btaylorquilts cannot accept returns of bedding items or custom made items (i.e., quilts or pillow shams, including throw sized quilts and Kimono quilts).

Some Details:

❀ handmade with 100% cotton fabric
❀ batting blend of bamboo, silk, botanic tencel and cotton
❀ is already washed and dried once
❀ machine wash, tumble dry, do not hang in direct sunlight to dry

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