Jewelry Bowl – Indigo Flower Blue


Soft fabric jewelry bowl for catching your jewelry, holding change, paperclips, etc. This bowl is reversible, and when your cat knocks it off your counter it won’t smash into little bits! I love making these. This is one the ways I use up my scrap fabrics, so they are always unique and fun! See the bottom in the last photo.

I piece together these little bowls by hand. They are made out of 100% cotton fabrics and batting. Each bowl is unique and very useful, pretty, and fun to place around either your workspace, cubicle, coffee table, bath, bedroom, wherever.

Design © 2010 Briana Taylor

Uses for the Jewelry Bowl!

❀ hostess gifts
❀ holding jewelry
❀ egg on the counter so it doesn’t roll away
❀ keys by the door
❀ to hold cat toys
❀ pennies
❀ bobbins, sewing tools, thimbles
❀ paperclips and office supplies
❀ anything you can think of

this small bowl measures 3 3/8″ across, 1 3/4 ” high.

Spot wash, hand wash, mild dish or laundry detergent, reshape, air dry. (Please do not put in the washing machine – I have not tested this enough to know if it will damage the bowls)

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Modern quilted fabric jewelry bowl, handmade to hold your jewelry, change, or anything that needs organizing.



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