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Making lists has not always been a thing for me. Although, when I make them, they tend to expand into ten different lists (i.e., the market list, the pet food store, the farmer’s supply, and stuff I have to do, etc.). The cascade of list making creates lots of post-it’s all over the place, and the inevitably lost grocery list by the time I make it to the market.  Awesome.

5 Things:

More About Vintage Rescue Quilts – cuz you need to know all the things

Vintage Quilts have always been a favorite thing. Especially the really old ones, all worn, soft, and full of imagined stories about the women (or men) who made them.

All three

You may have noticed that I’ve recently started listing Vintage Quilt Rescue Quilts in the shop. This all came about because I was contacted by someone who wanted me to finish some quilt tops that her great-grandmother had made. Normally I never take in quilt tops to finish, either new or vintage, but I was curious and asked her to send me some images of what she had. I was blown away! Here were quilt tops, made as early as the 30’s, some of them were hand cut and hand sewn (this was the days before rotary cutters, people!), and they were perfectly preserved with brilliant colors and fine stitching.

After some discussion, we decided to go ahead with the project and she sent me the quilts, from California, and I finished three very beautiful quilt tops for her. Imagine, all those years she held onto these precious family heirlooms and only thought about having them finished.  I sent them back and she was thrilled.  The circle was complete and the quilts were whole and completely transformed!


hourglass – after completed!

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune – after completed

After this experience, I was completely hooked! Scouring nearby vintage shops, and searching on-line, I came across several unassuming (and unfinished) quilt tops and purchased them. It’s great to feel complete and utter inspiration with a new discovery, and I quickly worked on the new tops, repairing small holes and seams that had let loose, choosing fabric for the backs, and getting them on the frame to quilt.

Grandmother's Garden

Grandmother’s Garden

This pink grandmother’s garden quilt was the first. Now, I’m not a pink girl… AT ALL… but I saw this top and saw its potential and took it home. Thus started my fascination, obsession, and love for all things antique quilts! The older and more neglected, the better.  Such lovely things happen when a long forgotten and abused vintage quilt top comes to life. I feel like they are all just waiting for their chance to become “real” in the world. They are waiting for their chance to be loved and held, and cuddled. After all, isn’t that what the first intentions were when they were created?  In the end, it’s all about being loved and feeling complete that makes us all so happy.

My kitty, Isabella, is the first to claim this new addition to my personal quilt collection.

My kitty, Isabella, is the first to claim this new addition to my personal quilt collection.

To see all the Vintage Rescue Quilts that I have available for sale, check out the shop under Vintage Rescue Quilts!

Vintage Quilt from my own collection

Vintage Quilt from my own collection



“I’ll Give You Something to Cry About” ~ Mom

“I’ll Give You Something to Cry About” ~ Mom

If you were born in the 60’s or 70’s you might be familiar with that statement.

I couldn’t help but think about my mom, when I was finally getting near to being done with this awesome new website you are visiting right now. I was at the final push to create listings for all of my inventory and it was pretty boring. Bored to Tears Boring. I kept thinking about what my mom would say, if she were still here, and I know she’d have no sympathy for my whining and procrastination. She was a no-nonsense, practical, getting-things-done kind of person.

Thanks for the push, mom. I needed that. 

Mom at her Desk

Mom at her Desk

The main point I wanted to make is that the Btayor Quilts website is finally done!  Of course, it will always be a work in progress, so be sure to check back for new and exciting things. I’m thrilled with my new adventure in Vintage Quilt Rescue. More about that soon! In the meantime feel free to make suggestions, and check out all that’s new.

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